TE37 Saga S-Plus – 18×9.5 +20 / 5×120 – Diamond Dark Gunmetal


– 18×9.5 +20
– Color: Diamond Dark Gunmetal
– JWL + R Spec 2
– 72.56 CB

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The TE37 released in 1996 has undergone numerous updates to keep up with the times. And based on the fate of the TE37 wheel, “sports driving, hard customization, tuning in commercial cars”, a new design and a full model change with a new mold were made in 2016. Introduced TE37 SAGA. Of course, TE37 has easily cleared JWL and VIA standards, and has obtained the in-house standard JWL + R Spec 2, and the latest TE37 SAGA has significantly cleared its strength standards. After about 5 years, the fate that I have has not changed, and the total weight of the world standard C segment vehicle has increased, the maximum output has been dramatically improved, the weight distribution has changed due to 4WD, and the traction has increased. The evolution of high-grip tires that we accept is remarkable, and we have decided that we cannot overlook it. In order to build up a safety margin, VOLK RACING TE37 SAGA will release a minor change model SAGA S-plus from January 2021 with a review of each part and a review of details. However, there is no change in the design side, and there will be minor changes such as the lightening shape on the back side. The mass varies depending on the size, but it will increase by about 100 to 120 g. This is a small change to achieve higher safety and security, higher rigidity, and higher strength.



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