BBS RI-A – 18×9.5 +23 / 18×10.5 +22 / 5×120 – Diamond Black *Set of 4*

PART #: BBSRIA952310522DS-1   Brand:
  • Valvestems included
  • Centercaps included
  • Hub centric rings included (specify vehicle)


BBS RI-A 18x9.5 +23 / 5x120 - Diamond Black × 2

In stock

BBS RI-A 18x10.5 +22 / 5x120 - Diamond Black × 2

In stock


One-Piece Die Forged Aluminum Wheel – BBS Patented Milling Process inside the spoke area – Weight optimized by FEM analysis.

The BBS RI-A is the ultimate racing specification wheel—based on exactly the same concept as the BBS wheels for SUPER GT, the pinnacle of racing in Japan, and with exactly the same structure. Anti-slip paint minimize slipping between wheel and tire, while steel bushings help protect the nut holes when the wheel is installed or removed. Inheriting BBS racing wheels’ performance and reliability in the toughest of conditions, this model is sure to impress and please in every detail.




WARNING: May contain items that are found to have compounds and/or chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and reproductive harm. For more info, please visit


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